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The First Game


The first game of Tee-Ball to be played in the Eagles (now Morley Eagles Baseball Club Inc. - Tee Ball Section) was on the 26th September 1974.  


It all started on Monday 26th August 1974 when Graham Woods and Evelyn Harvey were at a Junior Baseball League meeting.  Ken Sommers of Wembley asked for a team to play Wembley as a demonstration Tee-Ball game at the Royal Show.  This was to be the first game played in Perth and Western Australia.


Graham Woods volunteered to organise a side for the Eagles, and it was voted that Wembley and the Eagles would play the demonstration game.  Evelyn Harvey was elected to be the official scorer (the first Tee-Ball scorer in Western Australia).


A team was formed and the players had two training runs to prepare for the big day.  The game was played at the Royal Show on the 26th September 1974, and was enjoyed by all.


The Eagles team that played in the demonstration game consisted of the following players:


  • Geoffrey Harvey

  • James Waddell (played in Australian Baseball Federation)

  • Bradley Williamson (played in the State League with Morley Eagles, and also played in Claxton Shield)

  • Bradley Green (played with Wanneroo), David Morgan

  • Craig Malcolm (played State League)

  • Dean Fasola

  • Jamie Ninett

  • Aaron Burrows


The coach was Graham Woods and the Scorer was Evelyn Harvey.

Craig Williamson
Craig Williamson

METC Committee Member

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Nicholas O'Hern (4), Troy O'Hern (7), Craig Williamson (6), Trevor Ellice (8)

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Nicholas O'Hern (4), Craig Williamson (6), Trevor Ellice (8), Troy O'Hern (7)

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Wembley and Eagles played a demonstration match as a curtain raiser for the A Grade Baseball Grand Final.  Eagles also won this match.


The average age of our players in 1974 was 8 years.  For the second season in 1975 we joined with Perth and Wanneroo, and played in a Northern Districts Teeball competition.  Eagles fielded 3 teams.


In 1976 Teeball grew in popularity within Eagles, and a committee was formed.  Since then the committee has run all games and business within the club.  In 1982 girl’s teams were included in the competition and the club has continued to grow.


Now, over 40 years later, Morley Eagles Tee Ball Club fields between 30 to 40 teams each season, in age groups ranging from Kindy/Pre-Primary to Year 5/6, and 380+ children play at Lightning Park Recreational Facility in Noranda each Saturday morning.  


Although the METC is run as a separate entity to the Morley Eagles Baseball Club, it does still operate under a Board of Management (Morley Eagles Baseball Club Inc.), along with the Morley Eagles Softball Club, ensuring strong ties and a continued involvement between clubs. 


As players move through Teeball, the natural progression is to "graduate" to the Morley Eagles Baseball Club based at Crimea Street in Morley, or onto Softball.


Click here to visit the Baseball Club's website and learn more about the competitions available, ranging from Little League through to Seniors. Visit them on Facebook here.


Morley Eagles Softball Club, (also) part of the Morley Eagles Baseball Club Inc, and affiliated with Softball WA, is based at Waltham Reserve, Morley WA.  Visit their page to learn more about this great club.





​The First Season


The first season opened in October 1974, and was a Western Australian Junior Baseball sanctioned season.


Eagles joined the Wembley competition, and Perth also played.  A few games were played at Emberson, but most were played at Teakwood Reserve, Woodlands.


The Eagles team that played in the inaugural season consisted of the following players:



  • Craig Williamson (played in the State League with Morley Eagles, and currently Morley Eagles Teeball Club's Vice President)

  • Bradley Green

  • Bradley Williamson

  • Denny Howard

  • Geoffrey Harvey

  • Brett Scorer

  • Mark Scorer (played in the State League with Wembley)

  • Aaron Burrows

  • Russell Green

  • Peter Scorer

  • Chris Rice

  • Dean Fasola


The Coach was Robert Williamson, the Manager was Trevor Scorer and the Scorer was Evelyn Harvey.


The season was enjoyed by all and Eagles were the inaugural winners, receiving a trophy from the Western Australian Junior Baseball League.

Onwards From That First Season 

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